Do you have cancer?

Sep 16, 2014

Do you have cancer?  The real answer may surprise you.

Stop and think about it for a few moments.  Do I have cancer?  It's a pretty heavy question as it makes us call to attention our very mortality... makes us think about our health in a different way.

In order to properly answer this question, you must first understand the definition of cancer.

Cancer:  (Noun)
  1. the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

Immunity and Cancer

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 At the heart of the immune response is the ability to distinguish between "self" and "non-self." Every cell in your body carries the same set of distinctive surface proteins that distinguish you as "self." Normally your immune cells do not attack your own body tissues, which all carry the same pattern of self-markers; rather, your immune system coexists peaceably with your other body cells in a state known as self-tolerance.

When normal cells turn into cancer cells, some of the antigens on their surface change. These cells, like many body cells, constantly shed bits of protein from their surface into the circulatory system. Often, tumor antigens are among the shed proteins.

These shed antigens prompt action from immune defenders, including cytotoxic T cells, natural killer cells, and macrophages. According to one theory, patrolling cells of the immune system provide continuous body wide surveillance, catching and eliminating cells that undergo malignant transformation. Tumors develop when this immune surveillance breaks down or is overwhelmed.



To put this all in a way that is easy to understand.  Cancer happens in our bodies when the normal cell replication process goes wrong and a "different" or broken cell is created.  This can happen for all kinds of reasons from genetics, to diet, and environmental toxins.  The point is, it happens... frequently, in all of us, ALL THE TIME.

So to answer the question, "Do I have cancer?"   The real answer is - YES.  At least the initial version of it.  The difference between being healthy and having a diagnosable disease is that when your body is functioning correctly, your immune system is able to seek out these abnormal cells and destroy them before they grow into a tumor or invasive disease process that overwhelms the body.  Think of it this way.  Your immune system is like an army and your brain is the highest ranking General, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs if you will.  When a cell replicates inappropriately or mutates, it gives off protein signals in your blood.  All throughout your body are scouts or advance soldiers who work for the immune system.  Their job is to gain intelligence, hang out in the rough neighborhoods and keep their ears open for trouble.  When they come across one of these rogue cells, they must report back to the general as quickly as possible.  After all, we all know that when one individual goes rogue, it's only a matter of time before he convinces others to join him.  Now, the scout cell senses danger and goes back to report to his commanding officer... only he is unable to get word back to the general.  In a way, the chain of command is broken.  Now, instead of getting the reinforcements he needs to go back and take on this growing problem, he is overwhelmed and the mob grows...

So, what does this have to do with Chiropractic? 

Those of you who are already patients have heard me talk about how the brain is the master controller of everything that happens in your body... everything.  When your body is functioning well, nothing happens that escapes the watchful eye of your brain and nervous system.  However, that process doesn't just happen magically.  Your brain is in constant communication with every part of your body and the system that transmits those signals of communication is the nerve system.  Like the wiring in your house, the power from your brain needs to be able to reach your fingers, toes, and organs and can only do that when it's transmitted through a properly functioning nerve system.  It's also important to remember that, like every other process in your body, your immune system itself is under the control of your nerve system.  In order to have full function, you must be able to communicate clearly.

Now consider this.  Your nerve system hates pressure.  If you think you don't like stress, your nerve system really doesn't like stress!  When we subject our nerve system to stress, either through direct compression (injury / trauma), chemical stress (toxicity), or mental stress (thoughts), the nerve system is unable to reach it's full potential. 

Do you remember when you were in school?  If you came home with a 97% circled on your math paper, that meant you got an "A" and your mom probably hung it on the fridge as a reminder of how smart you are and a chance to show you off to visiting friends and family.  When your nerve system is functioning at 97%, it means that you are dying.  Maybe not today or tomorrow but the process of dying is underway. 

You see, in order to function at full capacity, your nerve system MUST function at 100% of its optimum potential.  NOTHING LESS IS ACCEPTABLE!  So, lets say you have an especially stressful day and your nerve system drops to 97% efficiency.  Now lets assume that 3% loss is affecting the ability of your body to recognize a liver cell that replicated incorrectly because your brain was never made aware of the problem.  Your immune system may happen across it, but maybe not.  Now that same cell divides and replicates.  But this isn't a copy of an original masterpiece, it's more like a copy of a copy.  Now those two cells divide, and the end result is a cell that really looks nothing like the original at all.  Now lets say that process happens again and again for days, weeks, months... all cleverly hidden from the immune system and without sending off alarms in your brain.

Weeks go by, months pass, and one day you sense a little pain in your abdomen.  You think nothing of it... maybe just a pulled muscle.  A few more days go by and still, you hurt.  You go in, they do a scan and reveal that you have a tumor the size of a grapefruit tucked inconspicuously behind your liver. 

Sound far-fetched?  Actually, I bet if you were a fly on the wall in the oncology center today, you would have heard that story more than once. 

"So now I suppose you're going to tell me that Chiropractic can cure cancer" you say with a bit of detectable sarcasm. 

"No." I will tell you I've never made a claim like that.  As a matter of fact, Chiropractic has never cured anything... but your body can. 

Here it is - This is the point of this whole article!!

Do you have cancer?  Yes.  Is your body engaged in a battle for your life today?  Yes.  Are you giving your body ALL the tools necessary to WIN this battle????

Here is what I can offer you.  When you become a Chiropractic patient in this office, I will use every tool at my disposal, to properly examine your nerve system.  I will examine your spine, ask you questions, look at your structure and posture, ask you to move and watch your body communicate.  I will use the latest and most scientifically advanced imaging system available to delve deeper into your system and analyze your spine and nerve system down to a millimeter.  When all that is completed, I will make a recommendation for care based on what your body needs to reduce pressure in your nerve system and give you the best chance possible of functioning at or near 100%.

That's it.  That's my deal.  I offer you nothing more.

Knowing what you now know about how your immune system works, can you apply that knowledge to other parts of your body?  Digestion, organ function, circulation, muscles, joints... do they rely on proper nerve function?

Now stop and think about your kids, your spouse...

At any point above, did I mention pain?  Yes... I did, only once.  I said, you may suddenly recognize a pain in your abdomen and when you go in for that scan, they find a grapefruit sized tumor hidden behind your liver.  Do you think the best time to begin fighting cancer is when you feel pain?  Or do you think the best time to begin fighting cancer is when that first scout cell senses a disturbance and calls for help?

I know the answer for me and my family.  Don't wait.  Remember, when your doctor recommends that you go in for "preventive" care and get a mammogram or prostate exam, they aren't really talking about prevention at all.  That's early detection - while there may be value in early detection, it's not prevention.

Want to know even more?  Watch my website and this blog or like us on Facebook.  October is cancer awareness month (remember, when all the guys in the NFL wear pink?).  I'll be having a class in October where I'll talk frankly about cancer.  We will talk about how cancer develops, how your body truly works to stop it, and all the things you can do to prevent it and give your body the tools to fight it.  Nutrition, exercise, supplements, old wives tales... we'll break it all down and equip you to make good decisions for your family.  Those of you enlightened enough to realize that this isn't really just about cancer will be able to apply this one principle to every aspect of your health.

If this makes sense to you - act on it.  Call me today and we can sit down and talk about how your body is functioning and how Chiropractic can improve your overall health.  Consultations are always complimentary.  If you have questions, I will sit down and talk to you.  Don't like hard sells?  Me either.  It's not about selling you on Chiropractic - it's about giving you a chance to do everything you can to be proactive in your health and give your children the best chance possible to function at 100% of the potential God gave them.

In Health,

Dr. Ross J. DeBoer - Liberty Chiropractic


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